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The Spring/Summer 2023 collection offers a fresh take on the style staples that we know and love. It is the everyday items that feel effortless and elegant, contemporary and cool. They represent the DAY dream of how a modern, confident woman prefers to be dressed.

I was intrigued by the idea of making the edges rough, the refined details evident, the clash of textures subtle and sexy. This collection is about merging unlikely contrasts. An evolution of style rather than a revolution. I wanted to create an updated version of our handmade bohemian prints, light tweeds, and glossy leather. The result is remarkable designs that stand out in their own right and enter a new level of chic when paired with washed canvas, breezy silk satin and structured linen. It is in the clash of sophistication and comfort that the DAY woman is most content. For me, the DAY DREAM collection is about bold choices and a strong
sense of personal style.